What’s said about Me

Those who have devoted time and words to me, have often been good at grasping the extra detail in my work. I consider them dear friends and I dedicate two things to them: a big thank you and a special space in my heart.

  • 21/11/2017 - Dining With The Stars, serata finale al Castello di Spaltenna
  • 08/11/2017 - Gusto e Solidarità: DWTS al Castello di Spaltenna
  • 30/10/2017 - Castello di Spaltenna: il 3 novembre la grande cena finale
  • 30/10/2017 - Dining With The stars 2017: una cena stellare
  • 30/10/2017 - Dining With The Stars 2017 al Castello di Spaltenna