He was born in Vico Equense (Naples) in Italy
on the 4th of April 1977.

He fell in love with the culinary art at the tender age of 14 and the idea of becoming a chef began to mature within him. He decides to embark on a path of specific studies at the State Professional Institute for hotel services and catering of Roccaraso (Aquila) in Italy, from where he has received his diploma in 1998. With his diploma in hand he begins to take part in internships held in popular locations such as Lausanne, Zurich, Naples and Milan prestigious starred Chefs of national and International fame, such as Fredy Girardet, André Jaeger and Davide Oldani. In order to perfect the techniques inherent to particular types of dishes, he attends specialization courses in confectionery (Low- calories desserts, Panettone, Pandoro and liqueur Chocolates) as well as preparation of risottos and Finger food.

Foto Biografia vincenzo Guarino

The early part of his career, as a Commis chef and eventually becoming a Junior Chef, he works in several Michelin-starred restaurants both in Italy and abroad, alongside the likes of Chef Gualtiero Marchesi in Capri, Peter Wiss in Gstaad and Nazzareno Menghini in Rome.  As a result of these experiences, he earns the title of Executive Chef at the Relais Chateaux & Bellevue Syrene in Sorrento.

Foto Biografia vincenzo Guarino
Foto Biografia vincenzo Guarino

Hone his culinary skills, he participates in several national competitions, such as the Gualtiero Marchesi Award (Milan 2003), Alma Viva Award Speciale Barilla “The Golden Talent” (Colorno, 2007) and the Chicco d’oro Award (Verona, 2008), where he gets the first prize for the best risotto in the competition. In 2009, following the innate passion for this art, he obtained the first prestigious Michelin star while working as Executive Chef at the restaurant "I Salotti", within the Hotel "Patriarca" of Chiusi (Siena), the aforementioned recognition shall be reconfirmed in 2012, during his role of Executive Chef at the restaurant "L’Accanto", within the "Grand Hotel Angiolieri of Vico Equense (Naples) where he worked until January 2016. After 6 years his return to Tuscany, at the Pievano restaurant (Spaltenna Castle), where in just 7 months as a Executive chef he obtained a Michelin Star last November 2016.. Since 2013 he has participated in various events both in Italy and abroad (charitable events, sponsoring products, the opening of new premises) including "Gastronomy week" in Moscow (2013), the "Italian Cuisine World Summit Dubai” at Dubai (2014 - 2015 - 2016), "Gastronomy week"in London (2015) and the "Italian Cuisine World Summit” in China Beijing (2016).

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